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A Romantic Maui Vow Renewal
Will Rekindle Your Love and Passion

Maui vow renewals are a great way to celebrate your love and recommit yourselves in a meaningful ceremony here in paradise. There is probably no better time or place to plan a romantic vow renewal with your spouse, than in the incredible splendor of a tropical paradise like Hawaii. Strengthening your love is so much easier on a romantic vacation to beautiful Maui.

There's something so enchanting about Maui that it rekindles the romance in your heart. Perhaps you've been here before, and you already know what I'm talking about. If not, you're likely to find Maui a delightful paradise in which you can enjoy a second honeymoon.

Affordable Maui Vow Renewals is a section of our larger Affordable Maui Weddings website. We offer even better prices for our recommitment ceremonies. In fact we have a special Maui Vow Renewal Budget Package available to you including photography. Be sure and visit our Maui Vow Renewal Packages page.

"I believe my wife's Facebook post this morning speaks for itself: 'My amazing husband surprised me last night on the beach at sunset with a renewal of our vows, complete with minister and music. It was perfect!!' Thank you for helping make this a very special event. She was completely surprised and loved it. The sunset was spectacular and the vows meant so much more having lived them for 20 years. All in all, an amazing evening."
John and Tami
Ideas for Exciting Maui Vow Renewals

A Maui vow renewal can be so much fun. When a husband falls down on his knee and asks his wife: "Will you Maui me?" all over again, it can be an electric moment. We've watched many teary-eyed brides as we lead the couple in a fresh new recommitment ceremony.

Hawaii Vow Renewals Perhaps when you were married you eloped and have very few photos of the occasion. Many couples had very little money to spend when they first tied the knot and so because they had very simple weddings in some cases even without having any photography. So when they come to Maui, these couples often want to add all of those romantic touches to their vow renewal that they did not enjoy at their wedding. If this was your situation, you can add all of those "trimmings" you missed the first time around. Be sure and take a look at our Maui Wedding Services page for a list of some of the other services we offer plus the Ala Carte Menu to get a better idea what each services costs.

Anniversary Vow Renewals with Family Reunions We've performed a number of vow renewals for couples celebrating their 20th, Maui vow renewals25th and even their 50th wedding anniversaries.

Simple Hawaii Vow Renewals But we also have many couples who come to Maui and have a simple ceremonies with little or no extras. That's why we offer our Budget Maui Vow Renewal Package. It's totally up to you. Do whatever is right for this time in your relationship. Just a little ceremony or an elaborate production, the most important part of a vow renewal is the message that the two of you are giving to one another... You are in still very much in love and that you are committed to "going the distance."

Surprise Vow Renewals Over the years we've performed many surprise vow renewals for delighted brides (and grooms). If a woman loves surprises, I can't think of a better one than to have her dress up for dinner, only to be taken to a beach location where her husband surprises her with a romantic vow renewal in Hawaii. Our couples have so much fun with these surprise renewals that we highly recommend them.

Be sure and tell us what your situation is when you call so we'll know better how to serve you.


Check Out Our Romantic Maui Vow Renewal
Packages to Rekindle Your Love and Passion

Take a look at our Affordable Maui Vow Renewal Packages. We are offering the most inexpensive packages we've ever offered (in 13 years of business). Our Special Budget Maui Vow Renewal Package  includes photography! That package is one that we don't even offer to our wedding couples. So before you go any further, you might want to take a look at our packages page so that you can see all of the savings built into each Maui vow renewal package. 

All of our Maui Vow Renewal Packages are designed for just two people (but you can add a few guests). We limit the number attending because we've found from years of experience that larger weddings require a lot more time and coordinating. Therefore, Affordable Maui Vow Renewals does not do large custom vow renewals (at these prices).

Vow renewals are all about building your relationship and they can be so exciting for a couple who want to get some of the "trimmings" they had (or didn't have) when they first tied the knot. Often our couples will rent a limo, sometimes they'll sign up for a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean, sitting at a nicely decorated table, with a 3-course tiki torch lit dinner served by one of your very own chef, and maybe even a musician to entertain them in the background. Yes, it is definitely romantic!

We have a lot of great features in each of our Hawaii vow renewal packages, but if you want other services that are not listed in our packages (such as in-room hair & make-up, a musician, a full video, a limo, dinner on the beach, etc.) be sure to check our Maui Wedding Services page. For a full list of itemized prices you can go to the Ala Carte Menu page. For a full description of each package, check out our Maui Vow Renewal Packages page.


Your Maui Vow Renewal Ceremony

We've designed Affordable Maui Vow Renewals to offer simple ceremonies for our couples. We perform uncomplicated renewals. Simple but intimate; inexpensive but also romantic.

A good vow renewal service begins with a good ceremony. David Webster is the main officiant we use on Maui. He is a non-denominational minister that has been performing weddings and recommitment ceremonies for over 25 years.

In your vow renewal ceremony, you want to remember why it was that you first tied the knot with each other. You want to emphasize and rekindle your passion for each other. That's why you want a ceremony that will touch your hearts and strengthen your bond and commitment for each other. It should be worded to reflect your special feelings.

In written form David's ceremonies might appear longer than they really are. Each vow renewal takes only about 10-12 minutes. These ceremonies will be personalized for you and David will use both of your names many times as the two of you are reunited in marriage.

If you prefer a non religious ceremony that focuses upon the love that has brought you too together, we suggest David's Contemporary Vow Renewal Ceremony. Just click on the link to read it.
If one or both of you have a church background and you want God to have a place in your ceremony, we suggest the Spiritual Vow Renewal Ceremony. This ceremony includes a reading of 1 Corinthians 13 from The Living Bible. Just click on either of the links to read it.
If you are Christians and you want the Lord as a big part of your wedding vows, we would suggest the Christian Vow Renewal Ceremony which includes several Bible passages from a modern translation. Click the link to read it:

If you have children and want a ceremony that focuses upon how your love relates to your family and the legacy you have created for them then you might want to consider the  Legacy Vow Renewal Ceremony which includes several Bible passages from a modern translation. Click the link to read it:

You may make changes to your vows and his ceremonies, but because this does take us extra time and preparation, there is a fee for this service. Check the Ala Carte page for pricing.

The more popular our website has become, the more difficult it becomes for us to assure you that David will be available for your special wedding day. That's why we encourage you to call us and begin planning early so we can guarantee your wedding date.


Which Beach For Your Maui Vow Renewal?

We do all of our Affordable Maui Weddings and vow renewals in South Maui. The beaches are simply better and more numerous than on the West Side. The sunsets are better, with less chance of rain and wind and there is less crowding here. We know you'll be much more likely to enjoy your photography on the South Side.

South Maui beaches are in Kihei, Wailea and Makena. But we also have our list of favorites which we have chosen for their romantic appeal.

Take a look at some of our Maui beach wedding photos at the following links:


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