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You can have an inexpensive wedding in Hawaii! Just take a look at our incredible Maui Wedding Packages and you'll see it is very inexpensive to tie the knot in paradise!

Aloha From Hawaii!

My name is David Webster. My wife Shari and I know first hand how incredible a wedding in Hawaii can be. We've been involved with Maui for years now and we love to help other couples create their own memories through the Maui weddings that we offer. This website will tell you all about how you can have an inexpensive Maui wedding all your own.

Our company has been performing weddings in Maui for 15 years several thousand of them. Now you might wonder how we can do both the photography and officiate as the minister at the same time? Simple. During the ceremony one of my trained assistants will shoot the photography. Shari is also a minister and sometimes she is the officiant at our weddings. Either way, I create all of the romantic images both before and after the wedding including all of the sunset shots for our couples. In this way you get incredible quality with your photography images and you save money.

Don't let the word "Affordable" in our website name fool you. It doesn't mean that we do a "cheap" job. It doesn't mean we can't give you the most romantic Maui wedding possible. On the contrary, we know how to provide quality weddings on the island of Maui at reasonable prices.

In the 15 years our company has been performing and shooting weddings here in Hawaii, these are some of the best prices we've ever offered! Trust me, there is absolutely no comparison between what our company offered back "in the day" and what we offer now and we do all of this for less money! Yes, the current economy has motivated us to bring down our prices, so now is the perfect time for you to think about booking your very own Maui wedding.

What Makes Affordable Maui Weddings Different?

When you see our prices, you may end up wondering how we can afford to offer such inexpensive Maui wedding packages? Well, because Shari, Susan and I do most of the wedding services ourselves, we don't have to depend so much on the use of outside vendors. That allows us just enough profit to be able to offer rock bottom prices to our couples.

We've designed this website to offer simple beach weddings for small parties. The aim of this website is not to perform complicated or custom weddings. Here we provide simple but intimate weddings that are inexpensive but also romantic.

Wedding Size. All of our wedding packages are designed for just two people (but you can certainly add a few guests). We limit the number attending because we've found from years of experience that larger weddings are really "custom" weddings and require a lot more time and coordinating. Therefore, Affordable Maui Weddings doesn't normally do custom weddings (at these prices).

Because we only plan simple and small weddings, we realize we're not going to be the right company for everyone. But good news, we do have a sister company which performs more customized weddings if you want a more elaborate wedding in Hawaii. But if Affordable fits your needs, search our website and then give Susan (our booking coordinator) a call.


"Everything was perfect. We wouldn't have changed one thing. Thank you for making our Maui dream wedding
 be a dream come true!"

Erik and Krystal Mason


Have An Incredible Maui Beach Wedding on the South Side

We perform almost all of our weddings down on the south side of the island. Why? Because they are some of the best beaches in the world for a romantic beach wedding. We use some of the more secluded beaches in Kihei, Wailea and Makena which are much more conducive to creating the perfect Maui wedding experience.

The south shore of Maui has better weather as it is the dry side of the island. We prefer beaches that generally offer less rain and wind. We also choose beaches that have a palm tree or two hanging over the ocean, perhaps a lava rock outcropping, and definitely a long stretch of sand. Some of our beaches have a variety of different elements that make it so much easier for us to offer our couples a great experience and romantic photography.

Maui has the best beaches in Hawaii for a sunset beach wedding.  We have more and

better beaches facing into the west than any of the other islands. We know which beaches are best for your Maui sunset wedding photography. Almost every night there is an awesome sunset which we'll use as a backdrop for your romantic memories. Check out our Maui Beaches page to see some of our favorite wedding locations.


"We were so thrilled with the pictures and ceremony! Mark and I came home to Oahu and he returned to Iraq about a week ago. Thanks to you guys, we have beautiful pictures and memories to share with our loved ones and help the two of us make it through the remainder of his deployment!"
- Mark and Katie Barton

The State of Hawaii now requires that all beach weddings have a use permit. But don't worry, we'll take care of that and get the permit for your beach wedding.

Professional Wedding Photography

If you check around you'll find that many of the other Maui wedding companies don't have their own photographers on staff. That means for each wedding they book, they have to farm out this service to whoever is available. That also means you will not really know how good a photographer is until after you've received your photography.

We have shot 96 percent of our weddings. You can look over this website to see the quality of our photography. I believe that good beach wedding photography involves good equipment, a well trained photographer's eye (and good reflexes to catch just the right moments), and the ability to pose your couples so that they look natural.

We have shot 2000 weddings over the years. Our work is as good as photographers charging way more than what I charge on this website. In fact I charge much more myself on my other websites! When it comes to your wedding photography, I really enjoy what I do and enjoy providing to you the best possible romantic images. 

We shoot with high-quality 18 megapixel digital cameras. I also use efficient zoom lens with very long telephotos. I love to shoot portraits from a distance, throwing the background out of focus and emphasizing just the two of you. Unlike the old film cameras, digital allows us to tell right on the beach if we're capturing our shots. I will usually shoot more than the number of photos in your package, so that the quality of the final images you receive will be top notch.


"You did a wonderful job in helping our dream come true. What an excellent ceremony for us and the entire wedding as well. The photos were SUPERB!!!!!"
Carlos and Denise Mariso

We love the look of candid shots, but we have found that "candids" often look better if they have been a little posed. You want your photographer to have a good understanding of how to pose you to make you look good. You want to have him put you into good basic poses and then encourage you to respond to each other in the moment. That way, you will look good, but you will also be responding naturally to each other. And that's what we'll will do when we shoot your Maui wedding.

Inexpensive Wedding Videos

If you're coming to Maui to tie the knot, you might also want to think about having a Maui wedding video of your wedding. One of the special services that I offer our couples is a slide/video DVD of your wedding and photography. We take 50 or 60 of the best still images from your wedding, add several short video clips of the two of you on the beach, and then artfully edit them together to a romantic song. You'll find that watching this presentation is extremely intimate.

Ultimately, stills capture a moment of romantic emotion, freezing it. When you place several of these emotional moments together with short video clips all cut to the power of a romantic song the result is a powerful presentation.

These Special DVDs are also great for showing to your family and friends or playing at a reception when you get back home. And because we don't have to use outside vendors to produce these DVDs, we can offer this service at a very reasonable price.


"Our Maui wedding ceremony was awesome and I still get all choked up every time I watch the video. The pictures are gorgeous, the music was beautiful, and the whole day was incredible. We literally didn't have to do anything but show up to celebrate our special day. I can't say enough about how pleasant our experience was dealing with you. You took all the stress out of what other brides have said is the most nerve racking day of their lives."  
Julie and Ken Gota

If you want to see a sample of our short slide/video productions, take a look at our video page. We also offer fully edited and professionally shot videos available from one of several wedding videographers that we use on a regular basis. So if you want a complete romantic video record of your union, be sure and check out our Wedding Videos.

Some of the Other Maui Wedding Services We Offer

Flowers. Hawaii is an exciting place for romance and nothing says romance to a woman like flowers. No Maui wedding would be complete without flowers. Leis come standard in all of our Maui wedding packages. In addition we offer bouquets,  boutonnieres, hakus, hair and cake flowers and flower circles. Be sure and take a look at our Wedding Flowers page to see some of your choices.


Butterflies Release. Another romantic touch which many of my brides love is the release a dozen (or more) monarch butterflies after they have tied the knot at their wedding.

These delightful butterflies come in small golden boxes which you open after your wedding. We know how to keep them from flying away right away, so they will often linger around you for a few minutes. It is not uncommon for them to land on your bouquet or on your hair flowers or leis. Often our brides will have one or more on their fingertips before they finally fly away.

Our couples love the experience of releasing these colorful little butterflies into the world. You can see some of the pictures of recent brides posing with their butterflies. It adds just that final little romantic touch after your ceremony and your commitment to each other.

Musicians. We have a wide array of musicians available to us. The most popular musicians are harpists and guitar players. You can have your musician play in the background during your ceremony or do special songs for you at different points in the ceremony.

Dove Release. One of those nice little touches which many brides like is the release of two (or more) white wedding doves after you have tied the knot at your wedding ceremony. They are tastefully presented in white cages. You will hear the doves cooing during your ceremony, and once the ceremony is over, the two of you will release them together. These birds mate for life and will usually circle overhead and head off towards "home" together after their release.

Romantic Ceremonies. I've included copies of the three ceremonies that I use with my couples on this website. Take a look at the Maui Wedding Ceremonies page and select the one that best fits the two of you. I have a Contemporary (a romantic non religious ceremony), a Spiritual Ceremony and a Christian Ceremony.

Dinner Overlooking the Beach. One of the most exciting experiences you can enjoy is to plan a romantic dinner outside, overlooking the beach with your own private chef. These incredible meals are lit by tiki torches and offer an ambience that you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

In-room Hair & Make-up. Many of the brides on this page had their hair and make-up done up by one of our incredible hair and make-up specialists. You can see for yourself just how pretty they look. Our brides love this service.

Limousine Service. Many couples enjoy arriving at their wedding beach in style in an elegant limo. We have a variety of great limos companies which we use and we can definitely save you money if you want this service. This is an especially nice touch to give yourselves the feeling that you are part of the Hollywood "jet set" and its also great if you will be coming from the West Side. 



"We didn't have to do anything except show up. Our friends and family raved over our photos and videos. We were extremely pleased with both. Thanks again for everything."
-- Dan and Rachel Roberts





















How to Book Your Wedding With Us

Now is your opportunity to escape the high cost of a wedding back home, and still enjoy a dream honeymoon in paradise. So take a look at the How To Book page. Just follow that link to the page I've prepared to help you plan your dream beach wedding. Here's a summary for you:

Look over our website & decide what you want for your Maui wedding. It's important for you to get a feel for us and what we have to offer as well as deciding more specifically what you want at your own wedding. After you've taken a look at our packages and prices and understand our terms. . .

Then, decide WHEN you want to be married.  If you can, give yourself a wider range of dates. Remember, with our low prices, our schedule fills up fast, so you don't wait too long before you. . .

Call us to get acquainted and decide if we are right for you. We want you to feel comfortable with us before you book. We strive to treat all of our couples with a spirit of aloha and this is the time to ask your questions and to decide if we can give you the wedding you are dreaming about.

  Book the time of day and your wedding date on our schedule with your $200 deposit. Your deposit is how you secure your date and time of day on our calendar. Remember that we can perform only one sunset wedding each day, so its important to nail this down early. Your deposit will be taken off the price of your wedding package (it is not an additional fee). Do keep in mind that this is a non-refundable deposit, so you want to be pretty certain that you are coming to Maui for your wedding before booking.

  Decide which package and services you want. At some point after you book, you will need to choose which of our Maui wedding packages you want. At least 45 days before your wedding we ask that you decide if you want to add any extra ala carte services for your wedding. Thirty days before your wedding we'll send you an itemized list of all your charges, then we ask that you authorize us to charge your credit card for the balance so that your wedding will go forward without a hitch.

The process of booking is really quite simple. And we'll walk you through everything you need to do with a series of emails that we'll send to you so you'll know everything you should do to have the Maui wedding of your dreams.


"I've had people tell me these are the best wedding photos they've ever seen so kudos to you both! Everything went so well and I am amazed to this day how easy our wedding was (and that's because you guys did all the
work!) it really made it all the more relaxing for both of us."

Aaron and Abby Fernaays

So whenever you're ready, email or call Susan so we can talk about your wedding. But don't wait too long. With the low prices we're offering, our schedule fills up fast. And we can only coordinate and perform a limited number of weddings each month. So call soon to make sure you get one of the spots on our calendar.


To talk about Your Maui Wedding
or Maui Vow Renewal call Susan Toll Free:

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